Thursday, March 21, 2002

Wanna see something really cool?

I just wonder where I can get me some 20mm ammo.
The process of evolution is so obvious, and so easy to spot. Choosing an organism that exhibits characteristics that are desireable, and giving that organism greater chances to breed and pass those desirable traits on to future generations, is the basis for every breeding program that ever was. Take a look at different pigeons, the breeds of dogs, or even the history of some food crops.

One of the points that Megan McArdle makes in her blog is that evolution isn't going anywhere. The states and courts wouldn't allow the banning of such a proven biological process on religious grounds. After all the evidence is right in front of our eyes and has to be dealt with every day. It would be absurd to ban evolution, or even physics, from publicly funded education due to religious convictions.

Wouldn't it?
There's been some discussion on Megan McArdle's blog about Intelligent Design and evolution. Megan states that people who reject evolution due to religious convictions aren't a threat. I'm not so sure about that.

The Germ Theory of Disease has been called the greatest boon to humanity ever. It's pretty hard to argue with that. The theory states that specific diseases are (mostly) caused by a specific micro-organism. Vaccines and anti-biotics have been developed using this theory, and literally billions of lives have been saved. The evidence that this works is overwhelming. So why is it still called a "Theory"?

One of the reasons is that we can never close the book. New strains and disease causing organisms are found almost weekly. Some benign organisms mutate in to deadly forms, while other diseases that are on the verge of being eradicated make a comeback because the organisms that cause the disease mutate in to anti-biotic resistant strains. It's a continueing process that will never stop.

This is just like Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Critics like to point out that it's just a theory, never proven absolutely, it has to be taken on faith like religion, gaps in the fossil record and all that. But every time there's a news report about new anti-biotic resistant bacteria, evolution is proven. After all, how did the bacteria become resistant in the first place? It evolved, right?

So where's the threat? No one in their right mind would deny that medical science is good. No one but some crackpot nut would deny the benefits and effectiveness of medicine, even if it is partly based on evolution. It's absurd to think that a major religion with a billion members would denounce modern medical science.


Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Anybody remember Dennis Tito? He was the guy who paid the Russians to take him up for a ride to the International Space Station.

Well, the Russians sure as heck remember him. In dire financial straights for some time now, the Russians have found a way to generate some needed capital.

They've developed a space vehicle for tourism. The general idea is that passengers would shell out $100,000 or so for a total of three minutes of weightlessness. The space plane would be lifted by a conventional cargo plane, and then dropped to continue the trip via it's onboard solid fuel boosters.

I don't know. Three minutes for $100,000. That's a lot of money for such a short period of time. The peanuts had better be GREAT!

Monday, March 18, 2002

I was planning on posting a bunch of stuff today. Many topics were to be presented. I was going to be busy, not only with the text of the post itself but also with the links I was going to include to support my opinions.

But it's all useless now. Everything I wanted to say has been said already by Steven Den Beste.

Go read what he has to say.